2023 Open Enrollment Changelog

Welcome to our new Changelog! We'll leverage this to keep folks updated on what’s changing here at Ribbon. If you see anything below that you don’t currently have access to, it could represent a new product module we need to provision. Please reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries and we’ll follow up with next steps.



Open Enrollment Data Updates

Open Enrollment is a period each year around October when health insurance carriers across the country allow members to join their plans. During this time, insurance carriers will change their provider networks, deprecate old health insurance plans and release new health insurance plans for the upcoming plan year. As health plans undergo the most changes during Open Enrollment, it is critical for Ribbon to maintain the most accurate, up-to-date data for our customers.

We've re-collected almost all of our top priority insurance data sources which account for 93% of all insured lives in the United States across lines of business (i.e. Commercial, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Exchange, etc.). Remaining smaller insurance carriers will be refreshed by the end of March.

Deprecating Support of Old Insurance UUIDs

Ribbon will be deprecating insurance uuids that are no longer valid for the plan year 2023. We will remove these insurance uuids. These uuids will no longer be available in the Insurance Reference endpoint and will not be associated with any Providers or Locations. After this date, trying to perform an insurance based search in the Providers and Locations endpoint using these plans will result in 0 results being returned.

In particular this may have an impact on your integration if:

  • Your application hard-codes Ribbon insurance UUIDs for specific user/customer searches
  • Your application maintains a cached list of insurance UUIDs that isn’t refreshed regularly

Please email [email protected] if you’d like to receive a list of plans being deprecated.

Dynamic Management of Insurance Plans

Ribbon will be launching infrastructure that automatically updates a customer’s instance with new insurance plans and removes old plans as we refresh our source data. This ensures that our customers always have the most complete set of Ribbon plan data and reduces the operational lift of having to request specific plans and wait for Ribbon’s team to make it available to you.