August 2023 Features Roundup

Welcome to the latest edition of Ribbon’s Release Roundup. Post-Labor Day always evokes notions of getting back to reality and productivity - luckily Ribbon’s tech team has already been hard at work on new platform features and enhancements, so you can hit the ground running.



Newly launched API Guides

Build on Ribbon’s API quickly and independently with new API Guides including…

  • Workflow Guides that show customers how to integrate with the API and build complete workflows using individual API endpoints.
  • Ribbon Data Guides that provide an overview of Ribbon product modules and answer frequently asked questions like: What is this data, why is it useful, and what is the methodology?

Search Functionality

Improved custom ordering of search results

With weighted custom filters, customers can order provider and location results with filters that weight specific values more highly, resulting in more effective, high-value care matches. For example, use weighted filters to see providers with education from institution A, before B or C.

Added ability to exclude specific Focus Areas

Improve the relevancy of results for your end user with the ability to exclude specific Focus Area labels (condition, treatment, clinical area) from being returned in provider and location searches.

Insurances Accepted

Integrated new insurance carriers

Broadened coverage by adding 8 new high-priority carriers to our Insurances Accepted data module:

  • Sunlife Dental
  • Centivo
  • Medxoom
  • UNC Healthcare
  • WC Texas Mutual
  • Humana Vision
  • CMS Home Health Agencies
  • Progyny