August 2022 Changelog

Welcome to our new Changelog! We'll leverage this to keep folks updated on what’s changing here at Ribbon. If you see anything below that you don’t currently have access to, it could represent a new product module we need to provision. Please reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries and we’ll follow up with next steps.


Locations Focus Areas Launch

Ribbon is excited to announce support for Focus Areas data for facilities, starting with services rendered at Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Imaging Centers. This information helps solve a critical pain point in finding care as it is often hard to know what services a particular healthcare facility provides. As part of this product, users are able to search using intuitive treatment labels (i.e. Leg MRI) to find relevant locations matches near them. To learn more about Locations Focus Areas, please review our documentation here.

Customers interested in leveraging this data should reach out to our team to learn more.

Boost Filters Launch

Currently, Ribbon allows for the creation of custom filters when searching for specific providers or locations. These filters have been completely exclusive so far, only returning the providers or locations that match your filter. But these filters aren’t useful if we want to include records that don’t match our filter but could still be relevant to users.

This is why we’re excited to release Boost Filters, a new type of custom filter. Boost Filters allow you to “boost” providers or locations that match your filter to the top of your search results while keeping non-matching options near the bottom. This feature is especially helpful if you want to surface the most relevant providers to the top of your search results while keeping less relevant ones near the bottom. Boost Filters is also useful if you want to maintain a critical mass of search results no matter what users filter by. For more examples of how Boost Filters can improve your search, see our docs!

Improvement to Languages Data

Ribbon has improved the accuracy of the languages field and implemented methodology improvements to ensure that we identify and correct errors in low quality source data. With these improvements, we identified 134 misspelled languages coming from raw data and removed noise from over 18K providers and >200K data points.

Improvement to Degrees Data

Ribbon has improved the accuracy and quality of the degrees field by ensuring that only valid medical degrees will be surfaced. To do this, Ribbon created a standardized list of over ~250 valid medical degrees and removed nearly 6000 uninformative degrees from over 300K providers. While the overall accuracy and usability of this field have increased, coverage has not significantly changed.

Deductible Upgrade to Eligibility

Ribbon has sunsetted our Deductible Check in favor of a new and improved Eligibility Check. Upgrading to the new product requires a simple URL change, and will not be a breaking change unless you are relying on data in the full_response.

We have refactored the product using a new clearinghouse, which has:

  • Improved data quality
  • Increased the number of carriers supported
  • Provided the ability to offer copay and coinsurance data for specific Practice Types as a part of the summary response

Please note that the full_response data format is different in this new version.

Customers interested in leveraging this data should reach out to our team to learn more.