February 2022 Changelog

Welcome to our new Changelog! We'll leverage this to keep folks updated on what’s changing here at Ribbon. If you see anything below that you don’t currently have access to, it could represent a new product module we need to provision. Please reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries and we’ll follow up with next steps.


Improved Behavioral Health Focus Areas

We have launched an updated version of our Behavioral Health Focus Areas data that expands our data to more clinicians (especially non-MD clinicians), and makes searching for a BH provider more intuitive. Specifically, alongside improving coverage substantially, we’ve removed some potentially confusing redundancies between conditions and treatments, and recategorized these items into more intuitive categories. To learn more about how our BH data has evolved, to ensure that your index is populated with the latest release, and how you might best leverage these improvements, please reach out to our team!

Added Oncology to Focus Areas

We have expanded our Focus Areas coverage to a critical specialty - Oncology. Oncology is a space where many patients struggle to navigate the range of providers, which organize along specialty, organ (e.g., lung cancer vs. breast cancer), and “treatment modality” lines (i.e., medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology) - making it extremely challenging to find the right clinician. Focus Areas customers will have access to this data once their index is updated as part of their subscription to Focus Areas overall.

Added support for new fields covering telehealth, cultural competency training, and provider race/ethnicity

We’ve added support for multiple new fields to help our customers better direct patients to care that meets their unique needs. To have these fields included in your data, please ping our team!

  • Telehealth - a boolean flag representing whether or not a provider regularly offers Telehealth services. This flag is determined through claims data analysis by understanding the provider's recent activity and the frequency of Telehealth claims billed to this provider.
  • Cultural Competency Trained - a boolean flag that represents the ability of providers to effectively deliver health care services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients. This field lists whether a provider has taken cultural competency training or not.
  • Provider Race/Ethnicity - a list of strings that represent a provider's race or ethnicity to our best knowledge.