July 2023 Features Roundup

It’s been a busy month at Ribbon HQ, and we’re excited to share what’s new. It’s toasty outside, and our tech team is on fire with new features and enhancements that will make coming back from your much-deserved summer vacation a little less painful. As always, our goal is to power a seamless and efficient find-care experience for our users


API Functionality

Reduced API latency for core endpoints

We’ve invested in infrastructure updates to substantially reduce latency for Ribbon’s core search endpoints, allowing customers to benefit from faster searches.

  • Provider endpoints: average 40% reduction in latency
  • Location endpoints: average 50% reduction in latency
  • Reference endpoints: average 50-70% reduction in latency, depending on the specific endpoint
  • Pricing endpoints: added the ability to “include” and “exclude” fields in searches, significantly reducing latency for each API call

Launched OpenAPI documentation

Build on Ribbon’s API faster with newly launched OpenAPI documentation, which includes features like testing endpoints directly, exploring error prompts, and generating specific API calls in different coding environments.


Search locations by Type 2 NPI

We’ve launched organizational NPIs to all customers and made them searchable within the locations directory, reducing the time for customers to find the right facility. This feature will roll out to customers over the next month.

Price Transparency

Integrated rates for additional carriers

We’ve increased the breadth of data available in Ribbon Price Transparency by adding rates for nine new high-priority carriers:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Pennsylvania
  • Carefirst
  • Excellus
  • Geisinger
  • Highmark