September 2023 Features Roundup

We’re back with another roundup of this month’s newly released features and enhancements. It’s officially fall and for many in the healthcare industry that means one thing: ‘tis the season for open enrollment! Leave the spooky scenarios to the scary movies, because Ribbon is here to support you and your members with 2024 benefits and beyond.


Open Enrollment

2024 insurance network refreshes

As customers support their members through open enrollment, Ribbon is heads-down on refreshing insurance networks to ensure all newly offered plans are available in our dataset in time for 2024 benefits. Ensuring this data freshness requires:

  • Recollecting 300+ sources
  • Creating and mapping 1,100+ new networks
  • Eliminating 2,500+ insurance networks that are no longer valid

Search Functionality

More flexibility in specialist searches

With a new toggle feature for “specialty” searches, customers can choose whether or not search results include related specialty groupings. Previously searches would automatically include a broader set of related specialties (i.e. a “cardiology” search would include various cardiology subspecialties). Customers can now turn these groupings on or off to tailor their search experience.

Delete or overwrite filters

This new feature allows customers to easily delete or overwrite existing filters, enabling a more organized search experience and freeing up engineering resources. If you currently leverage Ribbon filters, we encourage you to audit and cleanse your existing filters with this new functionality.

Insurances Accepted

Integrated new insurance carriers

Broadened coverage by adding 4 new high-priority carriers to our Insurances Accepted data module:

  • MedPartners
  • ProviDRs
  • Healthlink
  • Viva (commercial plans)