Overview of the Providers Endpoints

Welcome to the Provider Endpoints! These endpoints allow you to build new applications leveraging Ribbon Health provider information to find providers, to learn more about a specific provider, and even to book online appointments.

The endpoints provide information on any provider in the United States, ranging from the basics like location & contact information to granular detailed information like insurances accepted and patient satisfaction.

A few specific applications of the endpoints include:

• Search for providers per specific criteria
• Recommend providers based on key parameters
• Build detailed profiles of specific providers
• Find facilities where specific providers practice
• Verify a provider's accepted insurances in real-time
• Book doctor appointments
• Build custom provider directories & networks

We recognize that healthcare data is often complicated and nuanced for every use case. Users often wish they could merge their unique provider data with our data set at scale.

To address this problem, Ribbon offers a custom provider index that allows you to manipulate our data set with your unique data on providers. This functionality will allow you to tailor our API to however you see fit.


Does this mean everyone else's edits affect my index?

No, not at all - the only person who can alter data originating from your custom index is yourself. We do provide the ability to synchronize updated, accurate doctor data from Ribbon with your current data set, but only if you opt in to this process.

Your custom provider index allows you to:

  • Edit and/or update data in real-time. (Did your care navigators learn that a doctor recently changed practices and has a new phone number? Update it so that information doesn't affect your search results!)
  • Add new fields for doctors that are unique to your use case.
  • Make your new fields searchable in your personal provider search.
  • Override certain data fields to match your use case. (Like most of our provider data, but want to use your patient satisfaction scores? Override ours!)