Provider Location Procedure Pricing


Description: Search for a price estimate for a specific procedure, from a specific provider at a specific location, with a given insurance plan.

Endpoint: /v1/pricing/providers/<npi>/procedures/<procedure_uuid>/locations/<loc_uuid>

Status: Live

Methods: GET

Example use-case: Given an insurance, identify the expected price of a particular procedure from a specific provider at a known facility.

Request Parameters

plan_iduuidExact insurance plan ID for negotiated rate with provider.
(can be retrieved from insurances endpoint)

Example Request

curl -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'authorization: Token <your_token>'
  "parameters": {
    "insurance_id": "2d5231c0-2d29-4026-9138-5dcbd0591404"
  "data": {
    “costs”: {
        “min”: 3,
        “median”: 3,
        “max”: 8