Provider Procedures


Description: Returns a single provider's list of procedures that they perform, with the lowest available negotiated rates specific to a given insurance for each procedure.

Endpoint: /v1/pricing/providers/<npi>/procedures

Status: Live

Methods: GET

Example use-case: For a given provider, search the full list of procedures that they are likely to perform where there are negotiated rates available for a particular insurance, and return the minimum price for each procedure.

Request Parameters

plan_iduuidExact insurance plan ID for negotiated rate with provider.
(can be retrieved from insurances endpoint)
page_sizeintegerNumber of procedures to return per page25
pageintegerPage number to return1

Example Request

curl -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'authorization: Token <your_token>'
    "parameters": {
        "page": 1,
        "page_size": 25,
        "insurance": {
            "uuid": "ef704f14-c906-4857-acd4-d811f1394c32",
            "display": "Aetna"
"data": [
            "uuid": "0018743e-b56b-4b7f-87d0-76c8d4f26463",
            "display": "Hospital care and patient evaluation",
            "min_cost": 81
            "uuid": "04bd5a02-8e97-40d3-9a52-38f204786544",
            "display": "CT, head or brain",
            "min_cost": 119
            "uuid": "1c098843-626a-417c-86c0-b351afdaeb92",
            "display": "MRI, pelvis",
            "min_cost": 276
       ...22 more procedures...