Search for Organizations

Endpoint for finding information about healthcare organizations


Description: The organizations endpoint allows you to search for different organizations.

Endpoint: /v1/custom/organizations

Status: Live -- Please Contact Us to Learn More

Example use-case: Display a map of all of all nearby health systems and their relevant information so that a patient can find care.


Organization Types

This endpoint currently contains information on Health Systems only.

We are planning to release additional organization types (e.g., provider groups) in the future that will be included in this endpoint.

Please feel free to reach out to a Ribbon team member to learn more about our roadmap for this product!

Diving In

This endpoint allows the user to retrieve a list of organizations based on a geospatial or text search.

Example Request

Below is an example of a call to return all health systems with the name "Baptist" in Jacksonville.

curl -X GET \
  ' \
  -H 'authorization: Token your_token'

Example JSON Output

The response normalizes and geocodes the inputted address and also displays the search results:

    "parameters": {
        "page": 1,
        "page_size": 25,
        "total_count": 1,
        "sort_by": "distance",
        "distance": 20.0,
        "geo": {
            "latitude": 30.3321838,
            "longitude": -81.65565099999999
        "address": "Jacksonville, FL, USA",
        "name": "baptist"
    "data": [
            "uuid": "a1dbf998-a65b-4780-8361-648357785d96",
            "name": "Baptist Health (Jacksonville)",
            "organization_types": [
                "Health System"
            "websites": [
                    "url": ""
            "ids": [
                    "id": "5",
                    "id_type": "AHA_ID"
            "address": "841 Prudential Dr # 1601, Jacksonville, FL 32207, US",
            "address_details": {
                "zip": "32207",
                "city": "Jacksonville",
                "state": "FL",
                "street": "841 Prudential Dr # 1601",
                "address_line_1": "841 Prudential Dr",
                "address_line_2": "# 1601"
            "latitude": 30.3159499,
            "longitude": -81.6630919,
            "phone_numbers": [
                    "phone": "9042022000",
                    "detail": "primary"


The parameters that the /v1/custom/organizations endpoint can receive are listed below.

ParameterExample ValueRequired/OptionalDetail
addressBoston, MAOptional

Required to use address or location parameters in order to leverage distance parameter
Our API geocodes this into longitude/latitude coordinates to use for distance calculations
nameBaptist HealthOptionalLeverage the "name" search parameter for a 'fuzzy' search on organization name.
distance15OptionalConstrains the search to within Y miles of the center point (in this case, without specifying the radius, the API defaults to 10 miles)

Required to use address or location parameters in order to leverage distance parameter
Comma separated list latitude, longitude coordinates