Search for Providers Based on Procedure


Description: Filter and search for providers based on procedures they perform, accepted insurance, and specialty.

Endpoint: /v1/custom/providers

Status: Live

Methods: GET

Example use-case: As opposed to searching for any Orthopedic Surgeon, who could focus on different parts of the body (i.e. knees versus shoulders), leverage a procedure based search to look only for doctors who perform knee surgeries.

Search for the most cost effective facility to get a Chest X Ray when shopping for care.

Diving In

Searching for providers based on procedures aligns with the general functionality of the /providers/ endpoint as described in earlier pages of our documentation. The key difference is that if you have access to procedure data within your custom /providers/ endpoint, you will be able to leverage the parameters below to filter providers accordingly.

Search Parameters - Procedures - Cost / Quality

You can also use the following parameters for provider searches based on procedures performed, relative experience levels, and/or relative cost effectiveness.




Comma separated list of desired procedure uuids. Filter to only providers who perform the given procedure.


String input that is fuzzy matched to the most relevant procedure display field. Only a single procedure will be selected. Filter to only providers who perform the given procedure.


Float input to limit results only to providers below the max cost index inputted. This will be paired with the procedure_ids or procedure parameters but will only be in effect when a single procedure is filtered. Scale between 0.0 and 10.0.

Example Request - Providers

curl -X GET \
    address=33 Irving Pl, NYC
    &procedure_ids=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' \
  -H 'authorization: Token <your_token>'

Example Response - Providers

   "parameters": {
        "total_count": 141,
        "page": 1,
        "page_size": 25,
        "sort_by": "distance",
        "distance": 10,
        "geo": {
            "latitude": 40.7351327,
            "longitude": -73.9881657
        "address": "33 Irving Pl, New York, NY 10003, USA",
        "insurance_ids": [
        "procedure_ids": [
  "data": [
      "npi": "1234567890",
      "first_name": "Emily",
      "middle_name": "K",
      "last_name": "Smith",
      "age": 50,
      "gender": "f",
      "ratings_count": 100,
      "ratings_avg": 9.5,
      "degrees": [],
      "specialties": [],
      "languages": [],
      "educations": [],
      "insurances": [],
      "provider_types": [],
      "locations": [],
      "online_profiles": [],
      "distance": 0.1,
      "procedures": [
          "uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
          "display": "MRI scan of lower spinal canal",
          "cost": {
            "cost_index": 4.0
          "quality": {
            "experience_index": 4.0
          "uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-111111111111",
          "display": "MRI scan of thoracic spine",
          "cost": {
            "cost_index": 3.0
          "quality": {
            "experience_index": 3.0
...24 more providers...