Search for Virtual Care Platforms


Description: The virtual care endpoint allows you to search for different at-home or virtual platforms.

Endpoint: /v1/custom/virtual_care_platforms

Status: Live -- Please Contact Us to Learn More

Example use-case: Enable a patient to find a virtual care platform that focuses on their speciality need, has licensure in the state they live in, and is in-network for their insurance plan.

Search Parameters

namestringString input of a full or partial platform name.

Note: This parameter performs a case-insensitive exact string match (i.e. is not fuzzy).
Virtual Care Platform
addressstringString input of an address that will be interpreted and geocoded in real time.100 Main Street
insurance_idsList<uuid>Comma separated list of desired insurance uuids. Returns all platforms which accept at least one of the given insurances.a5a0c8ff-c62b-4a9e-af86-55e52bd7dc55
specialty_idsList<uuid>Comma separated list of desired specialty uuids. Returns all platforms which specialize in at least one of the given specialties.fff41986-41dc-46c0-93f0-5fb3fbd47678
npisList<integer>Comma separated list of type 2 NPIs associated with the platform.1558319491
offers_apptsbooleanValue of True or False.
Returns platforms that offer appointments.
panel_agesstring OR integerDesired Panel Ages string. Options (case-insensitive) are:


Can instead pass the parameter an integer age.

Returns all platforms with a panel_demographics.ages label field corresponding to the entered string or integer.
panel_sexesstringDesired Panel Sexes string. Options (case-insensitive) are:


Returns all platforms with a panel_demographics.sexes label field corresponding to the entered string.
payment_methodstringDesired payment method. Options (case-insensitive) are:

Cash Pay

Returns all platforms which accept the designated payment method.
Cash Pay
provider_typesList<string>Comma separated list of the 'types' of providers you are searching for. Provider types are higher level groupings of specialties.Doctor
profile_claimedbooleanValue of True or False.
Returns care platform profiles which are curated directly by the platform.

When value is False -- Ribbon has curated on behalf of the platform and may not have complete information for concepts such as licensure or insurances accepted.

Example Request

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <your_token>'


      "address":"408 broadway",
         "name":"RibbonCare Platform",
         "description":"<p>RibbonCare is a virtual dermatology platform for eczema and psoriasis treatment.</p>",
               "colloquial":"Skin Care Doctor",
               "taxonomy_1":"Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians",
         "specialties_detail":"<p>We focus on eczma and psoriasis care</p>",
         "insurances_detail":"<p>We have flexibility to do single case agreements with other payers/plans not listed on our profile</p>",
         "sign_up_instructions":"<ol><li>Create an account</li><li>Complete an online consultation to help your provider find the best treatment plan for your needs.</li><li>A provider trained in your specialty of concern will review your information and suggest a personalized treatment plan</li><li>If prescribed, we send your medication directly to your door</li><li>Get unlimited access messaging with your provider team to answer any questions and make changes as needed</li></ol>",
            "Virtual Care - Asynchronous",
            "Virtual Care - Live"
         "provider_types_detail":"<p>We also employ allied health professionals and lactation consultants</p>",
               "Senior (65 and over)"
               "Both female and male"
         "appointment_booking_detail":"<p>Patients can book an appointment through the Age Bold website:</p>",
            "Cash Pay",
         "pricing_detail":"<p>Patients have to join the RibbonCare membership to be able to consult with a doctor. The membership is an annual membership and cost $192 per year. </p><p>The visit is then billed through insurance (if we are in network with their insurance) or the cash price for a live visit is $42 per visit.</p>",
      ... 5 more virtual care platforms...