Create, Edit, View Locations


Description: Retrieve data on a specific location, as well as the ability to add, edit or delete data on that location.

Endpoint: /v1/custom/locations/{uuid}

Status: Live


Example use-case: You might have an important field for locations that we do not yet have, or that only pertains to your unique use case. You could add that field to any location, and merge your data so that it shows up in the /v1/custom/locations search.

Generally, we're very flexible as to how you can edit a given location's data. However, when it comes to insurances we have certain standards as to how those fields can be edited. (Further detail in the later sections.) We maintain these standards so that data can be consistently merged and resolved for these fields as our dataset updates.

Diving In

Using a GET request, you can get all available information on a specific location by simply calling its UUID through /v1/custom/locations/{uuid}:

curl -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'authorization: Bearer your_token'

We can see an initial view of our location object:

    "uuid": "3814bx4d-281f-47c2-a3ff-0e5834e41721",
    "name": "HourClinic",
    "address": "188 Grand St, New York, NY 10013, US",
    "address_details": {
        "street": "188 Grand St",
        "address_line_1": "188 Grand St",
        "address_line_2": null,
        "city": "New York",
        "state": "NY",
        "zip": "10013"
    "latitude": 40.719511,
    "longitude": -73.9970748,
    "google_maps_link": ",-73.9970748?q=188%20Grand%20St%2C%20New%20York%2C%20NY%2010013%2C%20US",
    "location_types": [
        "Retail Clinic"
    "phone_numbers": [
            "phone": "6463456789"
    "insurances": [],
    "npis": []

Now, what if we want to edit or change this data? Or what if you want to create an entirely new location object? Well you're in for a real treat! (See below)