April 2022 Changelog

Welcome to our new Changelog! We'll leverage this to keep folks updated on what’s changing here at Ribbon. If you see anything below that you don’t currently have access to, it could represent a new product module we need to provision. Please reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries and we’ll follow up with next steps.


Health System Affiliations Launch

Ribbon is excited to launch the first module within our new Organizations product: Health System Affiliations. This module provides access to 400+ distinct health systems, including and corresponding affiliations to 70k+ locations and ~700K+ providers. This Health System data will enable our customers to seamlessly navigate patients to care delivered by health systems they trust.

To learn more about Organizations, please review our documentation here. Our initial release will focus on powering organization search, providers based on organizations and locations based on organizations. Although we’re starting with Health Systems only, we have plans to continually expand into other organization types as well.

New & Improved Eligibility Check

Over the past several months, Ribbon has been looking to migrate away from our current Deductible check to a more robust, longer term solution. We’ve recently finished our migration and officially launched our Eligibility check. Our Eligibility check is powered in part by a new clearinghouse partner, offering higher availability and more support payer integrations.

We’re excited for this launch and looking forward to onboard current customers onto this improved endpoint and helping patients navigate their current insurance coverage and benefits.

Multiple Environment API Keys

Ribbon has historically restricted all managed environments to one active API key. We’ve recently released the ability to manage multiple API keys per environment. We would recommend leveraging multiple keys when you’re looking to integrate various applications or services and want more telemetry into isolated application usage. To begin leveraging multiple API keys, please reach out to our Support team!