Overview of Organizations Endpoint

Welcome to the Organizations Endpoint! Ribbon's Organization Endpoint provides detailed information on healthcare organizations that deliver care. Healthcare organizations are defined as a collection of providers, locations, and/or resources that deliver healthcare services to meet the needs of target populations. There are many healthcare organizations that exist in the healthcare ecosystem, such as Health Systems, IPAs, Medical Groups, and ACOs.

This endpoint helps users find detailed information on specific organizations that deliver care through different locations and providers.


Organization Types

This endpoint currently contains information on Health Systems only.

We are planning to release additional organization types (e.g., provider groups) in the future that will be included in this endpoint.

Please feel free to reach out to a Ribbon team member to learn more about our roadmap for this product!

A few potential uses of this endpoint include:
• Leveraging this endpoint in partnership with the providers & locations endpoint to find providers or facilities associated with a given organization
• Discovering more information on organizations including phone numbers, address, IDs, and website
• Looking up organization by name and geographic area