Aggregate Cost/Quality Scores

This is a premium feature and may not be enabled in your API index. Please reach out to Ribbon Support ([email protected]) for additional information on accessing Ribbon Cost/Quality!


Aggregate Cost/Quality scores surface in the performance object of the provider response. The efficiency_index and outcomes_index fields within this object store the cost and quality measures for the provider respectively.

The min_efficiency_index and min_outcomes_index can be used to filter for providers with minimum cost and quality scores respectively. To search for providers in the upper half of both measures, we can set both parameters to 3 in the API request.

Search Providers by Cost/Quality

To search for Dermatology providers and filter by these cost/quality metrics we can perform the following request:, IL&min_outcomes_index=3
"performance": {
    "aggregate": {
      "cost": {
        "efficiency_index": 4
      "quality": {
        "outcomes_index": 4

sample cost/quality scores in API response