Ribbon Directory

What is it?

The Ribbon API displays information about every provider in the United States, ranging from the basics like location and contact information to granular detailed information like insurance plans accepted and cost/quality scores. Our API also surfaces information about the locations at which healthcare services are delivered.

This allows your team to build new applications leveraging the data to solve a variety of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Surfacing providers and locations based on relevant search criteria
  • Finding specific providers and the locations they practice at
  • Verifying a provider’s accepted insurance plans in real-time

Why is it useful?

Ribbon’s directory data connects to our other data sources, including ‘specialties’, ‘focus areas’, ‘cost and quality’, and more. This allows you to direct patients to care with as narrow or broad a scope as needed for your use case. Ribbon’s confidence scoring can be used to ensure that you’re sending patients to providers that you’re confident can provide them with the care that they need.


Ribbon compiles provider and location data from a variety of sources, including claims, network/hospital directories, data vendors, and public sources. Because healthcare data is often messy and inaccurate, Ribbon doesn’t just trust one source. Rather, we use data from different relevant sources to verify/validate information about a provider at every level - ranging from how we assign name/specialty to our confidence that they practice at a particular address and can be reached at a specific phone number.