What is it?

Ribbon's insurance data set provides information about the different insurance plans in the US healthcare system, and guidance on which providers accept those plans. You can use Ribbon’s insurance data to find providers that are in-network or out-of-network for a given insurance plan and see a full list of insurance plans accepted by a given provider.

Why is it useful?

Without insurance information, patients may have to call multiple practices to find one that accepts their plans. With Ribbon’s insurance data, patients can quickly navigate to the subset of providers that are in network with their plan, saving money and helping them get the care they need.


Ribbon captures insurance network data directly from payer directories, claims, machine-readable files, and other publicly available sources. Given insurance data is often messy and incomplete, we employ a number of automated and manual processes to categorize health plans efficiently. From there, we normalize, geocode, and map each entry in our insurance data sets to the corresponding provider location in our core directory product.


  • Why do Insurance objects have a confidence score of 4?
    -> Ribbon's Insurance data is extracted directly from payer websites. Because Ribbon Insurance data is at par with payer websites, we have a relatively high confidence that the data is accurate.