Getting Started

Welcome to the Ribbon API!

Whether you're new here or building on an existing implementation, we're excited to help you get started!

We built Ribbon to simplify healthcare decisions. Ribbon provides the most accurate and comprehensive data on providers, plans, and healthcare costs. Our goal is to enable your team to build a seamless and effective care navigation solution for your users.

To this goal, we have built extensive documentation to help you better understand Ribbon's data and API. The documentation is split into two sections: Guides and API Reference. Below, we will go through how your team should use both of these sections.

If you haven't gotten an API key yet, please sign up at


Ribbon's Guides provide a comprehensive overview of our data and help you understand how to build complete workflows using individual API endpoints. These guides are split up into a few sections:

  1. Ribbon Data: Interpreting Ribbon data and our different product modules
  2. Workflow Guides: Common workflows/use cases for using Ribbon's API
  3. API Information: Limitations and optimizations of Ribbon's API

API Reference

Want to understand how to structure individual API requests? The API Reference section provides a detailed deep dive into implementing specific endpoints within Ribbon's API. If you're currently building an integration and want to understand how to apply the right parameters to a search request or use the reference endpoints, this is for you! This section is split up by endpoint:

  1. Providers: <>
  2. Filters: <>
  3. Locations: <>
  4. Reference Endpoints: Using the reference endpoints (across /insurances, /specialties, /location_types, /procedures)
  5. Focus Areas: <>
  6. Organizations: <>
  7. Price Transparency: <>
  8. Eligibility: <>