Cost & Quality Search

There are a few different ways to restrict provider search by cost/quality measures.

Aggregate Cost/Quality

Ribbon's Cost/Quality data provides an aggregate score for a provider relative to their peers across all procedures. We recommend using this score to filter for high-quality providers when the specific procedure isn't known.

Note, this is a premium feature and may not be enabled in your API index. Please reach out to Ribbon Support ([email protected]) for additional information on accessing Ribbon Cost/Quality!

Procedure Level Cost/Experience Score

This provides a cost and experience score at the provider-procedure level. We recommend using this score when the desired procedure is known.

Patient Satisfaction Ratings

When the above cost/quality measures are missing for a provider (or the data isn't available in contract), we recommend falling back to display the patient satisfaction rating score.


Are these product modules are included in your contract?

If not, you can reach out to your dedicated partnerships representative to learn more about getting access to this data.