What is it?

Healthcare organizations are defined as a collection of providers, locations, and/or resources that deliver healthcare services to meet the needs of target populations. There are many healthcare organizations that exist in the healthcare ecosystem, such as Health Systems, IPAs, Medical Groups, and ACOs.

Organizations are most often used when searching for care on behalf of a patient. In particular, organizations can be helpful when you know which health system you want to refer to, but not necessarily which specific provider.

We often see our partners use organization data to:

  • Find providers or facilities associated with a given organization
  • Discover organization phone numbers, addresses, IDs, or website addresses
  • Look up organization by name and geographic area

Why is it useful?

Organizations can help navigate patients to care in cases when they would prefer to seek care from a particular institution, regardless of the provider or location.


Ribbon manually curates and validates a list of healthcare organizations and leverages a machine learning matching algorithm to link service locations with their corresponding organizations.