Network Data


Ribbon creates unique identifiers (UUIDs) for each insurance plan that we collect. These UUIDs are used to facilitate searches for in-network providers or locations through Ribbon's API. Mapping your member’s insurance plan to these Ribbon UUIDs is a critical part of integrating Ribbon’s network data into your existing workflows. We recommend addressing this exercise as early as possible to avoid any roadblocks to launching with Ribbon's API.

We often guide our customers to one of two solutions outlined below, depending on use case and the users navigating care (patients, clinicians, etc.).

  • User Dropdown: members/patients can select their relevant insurance plan via a dropdown, and the selected UUID is applied to the provider/location search
  • Network Mapping: The member/patient's insurance plan is mapped to a Ribbon UUID prior to performing the search


If you think that both of the below solutions won't work for your team, please reach out as soon as possible, so we can help you explore alternatives.

Once the user has selected their relevant plan, you can pass the associated UUID into provider and location search requests. See the In-Network Provider Search and Location Search Basics Guides on how to apply these parameters!