Provider Search Basics


To perform one of our most common search workflows, we need to utilize a few parameters in the API request. To better understand how each of these parameters are implemented, please visit the linked pages in the guide.

  • specialty or specialty_ids: See the Specialties Guide for more information on Ribbon's specialties
  • location_insurance_ids: See the Networks Guide to understand how to use Ribbon insurance networks
  • min_location confidence: We recommend setting this value to 3 (see more information on confidence scoring)

There are a few other fields we include in the API call to the providers’ endpoint to help narrow the scope of the search:

  • Address: String input of an address or zip code that will be interpreted and geocoded in real-time
  • Distance: Radius of providers surfaced by the API from the input address (in miles). This parameter defaults to a 10 mile radius.

Search for in-network providers by specialty and address

We can combine these parameters to surface a list of Dermatologists that accept my insurance plan in New York, City. By default, these results are sorted by distance to the input address. To change the sorting order of the API response, try adding a boost filter!