Find a Specific Provider

Search by NPI

The best way to surface a specific provider is by direct lookup, using their unique NPI.

In the response, we can see all relevant information for this provider, including their name, education, specialties, locations, contact information, and accepted insurance plans.


You cannot use the fields or _excl_fields parameter when performing an NPI lookup.

Search by Name

We may not have the provider’s NPI available and are instead relying on name and address identifying information. We can use the name parameter in the /providers endpoint, which accepts a string input of the provider’s first, last, full name, or partial input (i.e.: first initial + last name).

We can narrow down the list of search results by filtering on address. Let’s assume our provider practices in Chicago and search by the zip code 60611. The below request returns ~10-20 providers, which we can use to match to the correct provider. hall&address=60611



The ‘name’ parameter fuzzy search is optimized for ‘first_name last_name’ inputs.

If your use case requires searching by a provider’s initials (ie: J. Hall) or including a middle name, please reach out to Ribbon at [email protected] and we can help you configure an optimized provider search.