Search by Organization (Locations)


We can use the /organizations endpoint to search through Ribbon's available Organizations. For a full list of available organizations, try out the following API request:

This returns a list of the 400+ health systems and their associated providers & locations. We may want to narrow the results down to a relevant set of organizations by geography or find a specific health system.

We can use the following API Request to search for available health systems within 25 miles of Manhattan:, NY&distance=25

But if we know we want to search for providers within the Honor Health System, we can much more easily find the correct organization by searching with the name parameter: Health

Search for Ribbon Locations within an Organization

Equipped with the relevant Organization UUID, we can now search for locations within this health system using the organization_ids parameter.


Make sure you also include the address parameter in the API request. The API request defaults to New York City, so you may get 0 results if the Organization is located elsewhere.

We can search for locations in the Honor Health System with the following API request: