Location Search Basics


For most use cases, we recommend setting the following parameters by default in /locations endpoint requests:

  • min_confidence: We recommend setting this value to 3 to ensure high-quality results (see more information on confidence scoring)
  • address: String input of an address or zip code that will be interpreted and geocoded in real-time.

Here's an example request using those parameters:

https://api.ribbonhealth.com/v1/custom/locations?address=New York City, NY&min_confidence=3

This request returns thousands of locations, making it difficult to identify a relevant facility to direct patients. You can further narrow down to relevant locations by filtering on insurance plans and location types!

Search for in-network locations by address and location type

  • location_type : View the Location Types Guide to understand how to apply this parameter
  • insurance_ids: View the Networks Guide for more information on how to use Ribbon insurance networks

We can combine these to surface imaging centers that accept my insurance plan in New York City with the following request:

https://api.ribbonhealth.com/v1/custom/locations?address=New York City, NY&insurance_ids=0082f872-5383-44de-9319-511f090fc56b&min_confidence=3&location_types=Imaging Center