What Are Workflow Guides?

Welcome to Ribbon's Workflow Guides! Whether you're new to Ribbon or not (or maybe you're just really into reading API Docs), we are excited to show you what Ribbon's API can do. Here, we show you how our endpoints can be configured to power care navigation use cases that fit your team’s needs exactly. Please note this section is very different from the API Reference section, which should be used to structure individual endpoint calls with the correct parameters.

We have put together common use cases for Ribbon's API, including:

  • Searching for providers by geography, insurance, clinical parameters, and quality measures
  • Searching for Ribbon locations by geography, insurance, and offered services
  • Creating custom filters/boost filters to surface the most relevant providers and the difference between the two

How Should You Use These Guides?

We recommend reviewing these guides to better understand the types of workflows that Ribbon enables. If you already have an API token, you should follow along by performing the same API requests in Postman or another comparable tool. If you don't yet have your API key, please sign up at

Users who spend time upfront testing different workflows find the best fit with their intended use case and business goals. Still unsure of how to implement in a way that helps you reach your goals? Please reach out to [email protected] and we'll help you figure that out!

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