Overview of Price Transparency

Endpoints powering search for in-network rates offered by clinicians for a particular procedure, specific to a user’s insurance.

Welcome to Ribbon’s Price Transparency landing page! This series of endpoints will enable you to build search functionality that leverages real payer-negotiated rates to allow users to identify providers that offer a given procedure attached to real dollar value amounts, as well as compare prices across providers to identify which option would be most cost effective for a particular insurance.


This product (and documentation) is brand new!

We will continue to update this page as new functionality is added.

A few of the use cases supported by these endpoints include:

  • Search for all applicable provider negotiated rates, given a specific insurance and procedure. This search is optionally sensitive to geography, to allow users to view rates among the most accessible clinicians
  • Search the common procedures a specific provider performs and see the associated prices
  • Search for how a procedure’s rates may vary for a given clinician across multiple facilities
  • Search for insurance-specific cost benchmarks for a given procedure within a given MSA, to compare to provider rates and determine if the option is or is not cost effective

List of Endpoints